Major Adoption-Related Events

  • 09-04-29 Part One Sponsorship Application Completed and Sent
  • 08-11-04 Dossier in Ethiopia -- the wait begins
  • 08-10-24 Dossier on its way to Ethiopia
  • 08-10-23 Dossier back to Imagine
  • 08-10-17 Dossier to Ottawa
  • 08-10-07 Dossier (finally complete) at Imagine
  • 08-09-10 Dossier (most) Sent to Imagine
  • 08-09-04 Provincial Approval Received
  • 08-07-08 Completed Dossier Sent to Province for Approval
  • 08-06-26 HAR Signed and sent back to ABC
  • 08-05-16 HAR Started
  • 08-04-22 Int'l Adoption Self-Study Course Completed
  • 08-04-07 Application sent to ABC
  • 08-02-19 Initial Application faxed to Imagine
  • 08-02-16 References Requested from Friends

Friday, July 29, 2011

She's Aliiive!

Funny, I thought about closing this blog the last few months. I still don't have my INTERPOL check, which is what is keeping me on hold... still. It's been four and a half months now that I've been waiting. And I called them a couple of months ago to find out what the heck, and the phones there are automated. No way for me to find out it they even got it. I expressposted it, so they should have. Still, it is extremely frustrating.
Anyway, I would check out this blog on rare occasion, and read others almost not at all. It's hard on my heart, this wait, and though I love following families as they go, and celebrating with them in their small and large victories (BTW Congrats Brenda and Mike!! I totally missed that until today -- sorry for the delay), it was just really tough. I'm feeling very much like this might never happen. Anyway, sometimes I would check to see if anyone commented, if anyone still read this thing, and nothing. BUT, at my low point, which was this morning, when I went to close it down, I found all these comments waiting for my approval... What? People are actually still out there? Turns out I switched my settings a while back when I was dating that fellow my family didn't approve of (they were right about him!), because I didn't want to have them say anything negative (Heheheh -- when I can get the last word, well, I like to take advantage of it). So thank you to those whose comments lifted me up this morning. You may have posted months ago, but it was today in my darkest moment, when I needed those words most, that I got them. Thank you :)
So this INTERPOL thing, I will try again. Send it off a second time, with a note that if it has already been processed, they can just send me my money back. Whatever.
In other news, I took a leap of faith, and moved back to the city, taking a one year leave from my position, and desperately hoping something will come up, job-wise. As of right now, I have been hired back on call at the group home where I used to work, which is a humbling thing as it feels very much like I've taken two steps back. I am waiting to hear back from the province on a social work position, which I'm not holding my breath on. It's the third interview in six months I've had with the region. And they keep emailing me and encouraging me to apply which seems good, but then they don't hire me. I can't tell if they see potential, or if I'm the butt of some cruel office joke. Time will tell. I'm also taking a summer French course to make myself more marketable so the school district sees I can teach French. The only way in right now is through French. Maybe they won't send me a letter telling me I'm not even worth keeping in their filing cabinet, like they did last fall :(
I moved into the house I bought last summer, and am nearly done the renos. New hardwood, paint, kitchen, bathroom... delight! It's this tiny little century-old home I adore. I was told when I bought it that it was 998 sqft, but of course it also says, "measurements to be verified by the buyer," which is standard, but I didn't, and thought even if they are off a bit, it shouldn't be by much. Yeah, right!! When I measured it for flooring, it turns out it's actually more like 780 sqft. That's a huge difference! It's still the same size and fits us the same, but the price per sqft is not the value I thought it was. Oh well. Such is life. Jonah's room, my girl's room, and the living room are pretty much done, as is the bathroom. The kitchen is on its way, and my bedroom... well, let's change the subject. I about a month when everything is just so, I will post pics.
So that's it. Great big scary changes and powerlessness are the current themes of my life. If you are a pray-er, I could use some warriors sending up a word for a decent job, and an INTERPOL check. Please don't ask God to smite the people in Ottawa who complete the checks, because then it will really take long. Wait until I let you know I've received it. Just kidding. Ish.
Hope you all have an awesome summer. We're doing the budget holiday this year (as in "not"), but there are a million free things to keep oneself entertained around Edmonton, unlike the town we just moved from. Hey! I'll count my blessings. And they are numerous. Sometimes I just need to remember that.