Major Adoption-Related Events

  • 09-04-29 Part One Sponsorship Application Completed and Sent
  • 08-11-04 Dossier in Ethiopia -- the wait begins
  • 08-10-24 Dossier on its way to Ethiopia
  • 08-10-23 Dossier back to Imagine
  • 08-10-17 Dossier to Ottawa
  • 08-10-07 Dossier (finally complete) at Imagine
  • 08-09-10 Dossier (most) Sent to Imagine
  • 08-09-04 Provincial Approval Received
  • 08-07-08 Completed Dossier Sent to Province for Approval
  • 08-06-26 HAR Signed and sent back to ABC
  • 08-05-16 HAR Started
  • 08-04-22 Int'l Adoption Self-Study Course Completed
  • 08-04-07 Application sent to ABC
  • 08-02-19 Initial Application faxed to Imagine
  • 08-02-16 References Requested from Friends

Monday, September 20, 2010

September So Far

I'm okay now. I've returned to my state of calm (pretend) indifference. She will come. Someday.
I have to put in a request for a leave of absence for court, but guess what? for those days that I don't have personal days saved for, they can withhold my pay AND charge me for the cost of a sub. What? So not only will I not make money, I have to pay. Ridiculous!!! Don't pay me, but pay the sub from the money they keep! That makes sense to me, but somehow the union A-Okayed that one. Stupid.
Before I forget, a huge congratulations to Carolyn and Adam and their new son, Leul, who finally are traveling! The visa is on it's way, so they will be taking off on Monday to meet their little guy. Wow. A long wait with many MANY trials have finally brought them here. Best wishes for your trip guys.
School is going swimmingly. My course load is a little ridiculous: Music 2 and 4, Art 6, 7-9, Drama 7-9. Social 6, 7, and 8. Health 7, and Math 9. Yep, that's right. A small town teacher has to be a Jack-of-all-Trades. But I love the variety. And the kids are great. No big issues at all this year. It helps (in terms of patiently awaiting adoption) when you have a job you love. And we also have a new principal this year who is loved by students and staff alike. That surely doesn't hurt.
So life continues on... the wait does too. It seems like I'm not the only one changing my referral -- people keep popping up ahead of me on the list who were never there before. Ah well. Such is life.
Anyway, it's just a quick update, but I have to head off and work. Cheers, all!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I'm trying really hard to control myself right now. If you received the IA update in the last couple of days, it mentions having secured a contract with a new (to them) orphanage. What is doesn't say, but has been posted on the Y! group is that it is an exclusive contract -- that unlike the other contracts we have, we are the only agency working with this orphanage. They are sorting out paperwork now and then we should be seeing some referrals coming. I am really trying to be neutral. Really trying to be chill. But according to the Y! spreadsheets, there are only two families with similar requests ahead of me. And to add to my angst, the homestudy I had updated is still sitting at the provincial office in a pile awaiting approval. Arg. I did email Anne to see if she might be willing to put a rush on it. Of course, I expect not. But at the same time I hope that she might give the agency a call to say, "Hey, if there's one for this gal, let me know and I'll push it through." Hoping. Trying not to. And I know that the odds are probably slim, but even to think that a referral that is similar to my request might be on the way, bumping me up the list by even one notch... I am nearing heart-bursting excitement. What happened to me? I used to be so laid back... sometimes. I need to chill out. Simmer. But I don't know if I can.